Oil & Gas Procurement & Services

We provide procurement services that cuts across the exploration, extraction and refinings, connecting bridge between any business operating in the oil, gas or minning sectors.


Onshore & Offshore Marine Equipment

Now with the aid of our foreign technical partners, Grofol provides combined solutions in all types of marine platform and equipments, helping our clients reduce risk and succeed in their operations.


Facility Maintenance & Safety Services

Grofol Projects Limited support clients in the regular monitoring of any equipment to ensure it's continued operations and identify any possible area of premature failure.


A high level service provider that is recommended to companies, firms or industries.

Grofol serves as an instrument in helping businesses and organizations of various sizes and industries to manage corporate spend, increase savings, reduce costs, and maximize supplier relationships.

We are a team of professionals who build everything for you

Our complete understanding of spend areas across your system helps accelerate your programs and create a significant difference to your bottom line. We are confident to execute good performance..

Grofol Projects Limited covers inspection, maintenance and repair works of our clients to support their business requirements for Asset Integrity Management System..

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress.

All you do is to state your requirements and our team of engineers with experience will present you with the possible solution for your needs

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